"The Phasx PX600 is the most dynamic, impacting, transparent and authentically accurate nearfield system I have heard — with great soundstage depth and purity of tone. It has power to spare and goes down deep. It's a reference-quality speaker that can also be used effectively as a midfield. Their technologies actually work: anti-comb-filtering, high headroom amplifiers, low distortion tweeter, and accurate voicing. It makes my job as a mastering engineer infinitely easier."
- Bob Katz
Mastering Engineer, Digital Domain - Orlando, FL, engineer of Grammy-winning albums, author of best-selling books including, "Mastering Audio: The Art and the Science, Third Edition"

What is a PhasxTM Monitor System?

Our PX Series monitors are DSP driven electro-acoustic engines designed to present their users with the same caliber of audio evaluation quality you would expect to find in a first class commercial recording studio’s control room.

All Phasx audio recording monitor systems are purpose built to operate on a standard desktop in a home-office type environment, with little to no acoustic treatment in the room outside of normal household furnishings. Of course they work amazing in professional and project studio environments too.

Acoustic Treatment Built In.

Presenting ShadocasterTM …the anti-near field reflection system that “paints” a reflection free zone on the desktop. The result is a startlingly clear audio image.

This level of detail and dynamics is almost never heard outside of a carefully designed acoustic space; and never for less than tens of thousands of dollars in equipment and acoustic treatment.

ADIO - The Desktop Control Room

The ADIO lets you do almost anything ITB (In The Box) that you could do in a traditional project studio. It features stellar quality analog inputs and outputs, combined with worry free ASRC on every digital IO. Any digital input is automatically converted to the Current DAW rate you have set; no further user intervention is ever needed for perfect, de-jittered digital input to your DAW.

Interfacing any of the ADIOs with your computer requires only a single USB connection, and if your computer or laptop is fast enough to handle the DAW, then it is certainly fast enough to handle the ADIO!

The ADI0600 and ADIO300 are in 2-Space Rack Mount Packages, the ADIO150 is integrated into the Desktop SoundBase of the PX150 System.


PX150 | Our Most Affordable System

Smart APP Based Monitor Control

The Phasx PX Series APPs were created to bridge the “Engineering Gap” in home based recording and mixing. Every Commercial Studio Facility and almost any Project Studio Facility has at least a small weekly budget for engineering. But in the 21st Century, most Studios are Home Studios and the budget for weekly engineering is Zero. Zip. Nada. So, until now, every artist had to be an audio engineer as well as a creator.

But we wanted to take a different approach, one where the APP is the Engineer! We designed the PX Series APPs to seriously reduce the need for Engineering attention in a home studio or mobile/temporary environment. The Apps make switching, routing, monitor control, and even talkback functionality simple enough for any newcomer to quickly master.

Most importantly, the APPs provide the user with CONFIDENCE in every part of the signal path by displaying status, level, and clipping/limiting information for every part of the signal path. All of which means that the APPs save you time, eliminate uncertainty, and above all, reduce engineering pain to almost zero!

iPad with Phasx app

Modeling Makes a BIG Difference.

Giant home theater, OEM car system, or ring-tone speaker; a hit is still a hit no matter where it’s played back... but how do you know for sure?

Most of us used to run out after a studio session and “sanity check” the latest effort on a car stereo, a smart phone, a cheap flat screen TV, or Bluetooth speaker. What if you could do all that without ever leaving the desktop?

All our monitor systems make it possible to A/B switch between full range, full performance and a suite of acoustic simulations for common playback equipment. In some models you can switch between other powered monitors too.

white smartphone playing volta cab on spotify

Make Your Music Go Boom!

Unlike just about any desktop monitor ever made, all Phasx studio monitors reproduce bass at or below 31Hz! That’s right, under 31Hz on your desktop without the need for any additional subwoofers whatsoever.

Translation; you’ll experience bass response that is vastly better integrated into your music, and with the PX600 system, fully preserve IALD/IATD well below 28Hz!

Oh and no need to worry, we spent years learning how to make the bass move you and not your desk.

Beauty is More Than Skin Deep

We've literally spent years tuning DSP code, evaluating transducers, amplifiers, and IC components to get the level of quality we demand.

All Phasx audio production suites use the XMOS USB 2 high resolution audio solution, Analog Devices DSP, and outrageous tweeters designed and built exclusively for Phasx.

The PX600 uses custom Hypex NCoreTM power amplifiers and top of the line Cirrus Logic & Burr-Brown DACs. PX300 uses top of the line amps and DACS too the likes of which are seen only in monitors costing at least 5 times the price of the entire PX300 system.

Friends, this is just the tip of the iceberg... to learn more about our monitoring systems check out our Spring 2017 catalogue.

Price. Performance. Perfect.

Phasx desktop audio production systems are not only a great value but are revolutionizing the way we create, listen to, and share music.

The S600 Shadocaster monitors will be available Winter 2018! If you want to be the one to tell your friends all about it and be the first to own a Phasx instrument get in touch with us now. We look forward to hearing from you!