Phasx PX600 Desktop Monitoring System

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The Phasx PX600 system is a comprehensive desktop audio monitoring system for tracking, editing, mixing, AND mastering. The PX600 is designed for professionals working in the music, video, training, and inspirational production arenas. Typical users need consistently accurate and ultra-flexible evaluation grade audio monitoring first, but also need world class mixing, and mastering capability. PX600 is all this combined in a package that really will fit on a single, standard, unmodified at-home desktop.

The PX600 effectively replaces legacy gear costing five times its price at the very least, and does it with the very latest technology whose software basis makes it virtually immune to obsolescence.

  • 3-way active DSP controlled monitor
  • 4th order bandpass subwoofer
  • High-resolution 192kHz/ 24bit
  • Ships with digital and analog inputs
  • DSP controlled to yield +/- 1dB response from 27Hz to above 25kHz
  • Shadocaster acoustic technology creates stunning audio imaging in an almost reflection free desktop listening zone.
  • MultiSimTM allows you to simulate the audio experience of your audience no matter what they are listening to you on; smart phone, ear buds, flat TV speakers, elevator music and OEM car audio; you can know your mix works well in the field (and if not, fix it!) without ever leaving your desktop.


  • Number: 1 per monitor
  • Basket Ø: 7" (177.8mm)
  • Voice Coil Ø: 2" (50mm)
  • Cone Material: Coated Paper


  • Number: 1 per monitor
  • Type: Cone Driver with Phase Plug
  • Basket Ø: 5.25" (133.35mm)
  • Voice Coil Ø: 2" (50mm)
  • Cone Material: Coated Paper


  • Number: 1 per monitor
  • Type: Phasx C1D
  • Equiv. Diaphragm Ø: 1.5" (38.1mm)
  • X max: 2mm

Built-in Amplifiers

Woofer: 2 Bridged
  • Type: PWM Hypex NCore
  • Amp Power RMS: Music 200W/ 400W
Midrange: 1
  • Type: PWM Hypex NCore
  • Amp Power RMS: Music 60W/ 120W
Tweeter: 1
  • Type: A/B Hypex NCore
  • Amp Power RMS: Music 30W/ 60W

ADIO Electronics

Finalizing specs, please check back soon.


  • Digital: SPDIF/ RJ45
  • Analog: XLR


  • Monitor Panels: Back
  • ADIO Panel: Front
  • Frequency Response: 27Hz - 26kHz
  • THD > 80Hz:
  • Continuous Output:
  • Max. Peak SPL:
  • Crossover Frequencies:
  • Input Impedance:
  • Weight:
  • Dimensions:
  • Magnetically Shielded:
  • Warranty:

Specifications are subject to change at anytime without notice.
Inside the Box
  • (2) S600 Shadocaster Monitors
  • (1) ADIO (2U rack space)
  • (1) ADIO Power Supply
  • Wizard Guided Smart APPs
  • (1) Desktop Monitor Controller & Cable
  • (2) Midrange Acoustic Pinpoints
  • (2) Tweeter Acoustic Pinpoints
  • (2) Monitor Power Cables
  • (2) RJ45 Network Cables
Downloads & Manuals

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