Acoustic PinpointTM

Monitor Absolute Positioning System

Acoustic Pinpoint is a simple system for absolute positioning of studio monitors from day to day and or user to user. This feature is essential in film work, but surprisingly no one had ever implemented or patented it before now.

The desktop is a relatively new paradigm and the industry has not been designing to it. The “target” rings on our monitors form the “Acoustic Pinpoint” making it possible to aim the audio exactly where you want it; at your ears.

The Problem

One of the issues we explored in developing the Phasx PX300 and PX600 was how to ensure a consistent listening position relative to the monitors; both for distance from the speaker as well as proper angle. In pro and consumer audio, manufacturers have come up with various techniques that are either expensive, like LEDs mounted within tubes and special glasses, or fussy solutions like tape, string, and rulers. We came up with a better, far simpler idea that your ears will love. Be in exactly the same place in front of Phasx speakers time after time. Acoustic Pinpoint, it’s so smart that we decided to patent it.

Why does this matter? The tonal characteristics of any speaker change noticeably depending on whether they are pointed at you, or slightly off to one side, or if one of the two speakers is further away from your ears than the other. If your ears aren’t in the same absolute position each time you use your monitors, what you hear won’t be consistent from one session to the next.

The Solution

Acoustic Pinpoint gives users the consistent, dead-accurate sound they need to do delicate work day after day. The Phasx engineering team developed a distinctive, stylish “gun sight” mounted in alignment with the driver. Just by looking through the sight until the midrange driver is centered in the inner circle and the dust cap fills the inner circle, the user can position his or her ears precisely in relation to the speaker time after time.

Acoustic Pinpoint Positioning ensures sonic consistency from session to session. You will face the monitor in exactly the same way every time just by sighting through Acoustic Pinpoint to the midrange driver on the PX300. PX600 has Acoustic Pinpoints on midrange drivers and tweeters because of the physical acoustic design of the larger cabinet.


  • One good example is if you are working on a video sequence for a film or video documentary for instance and you have to remove the F-bomb for an actor who’s out of contract or otherwise unavailable and you have to carefully reconstruct the sound. This is a process that traditionally can take days to do, and repeatable sound is crucial to completing the process seamlessly.
  • Consider you are sharing a work station with another user(s); he’s working swing shift and you’re burning the midnight oil. When you get to the desk you’ll notice immediately if he moved the speakers likewise so will he, or anybody else for that matter. Now both of you can adjust the position of the monitors in seconds to the exact absolute position you have been mixing to from one day to the next.