What do Songwriters and Phasx have in Common?

The short answer is many of us here have been or currently are in bands or otherwise actively writing, recording, and performing music. More relevant to being here; we want to have something awesome to enhance our own abilities to create and share our art. We know that not everybody is interested in sharing their art, and even if you aren’t we still want to connect with you.

We know from experience; taking our own medicine that is, that our desktop monitors are in a class of their own and truly are musical instruments in their own right. Now we have the ability to produce recordings at an elite level; and at home!

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There’s no question if we had unlimited amounts of money to spend at Platinum Studios in New York for example, we might not ever had the need for our recording systems. We aren’t trying to replace or compete with the Platinums of the world furthermore if we had access to those kinds of resources it’s probable we never would have started Phasx or created these desktop studio systems in the first place. It just happens to be the sound that the big guys are making that we are trying to emulate; and we are very, very close.

Nothing pleases us more than sharing what we have with the world, with you. YOU are the reason we do what we do; this is for all of us, for anyone and everyone that lives and breathes music. Phasx is for the dreamer, the true artist, the passionate writer that is dedicated to their craft, that can’t hold back, that never holds back.

Phasx is creating powerful tools that will change the way you record, share, and even write music. You will begin to see a whole new world where music is thriving; dancing with itself, only waiting for you to rendezvous. The landscape for music creation expands beyond your horizons so far in every direction it’s difficult to grasp. Suddenly you realize you’re able to hear better with your ears than you can see with your eyes; so much so your hearing actually improves!

We are not having a conversation about a pair of speakers and some recording software. We have been privileged to witness our work take on a mind of its own. Our work has shaped us more than we have shaped it. The result is the most powerful desktop recording system the world has ever seen, a pure dynamo; synergistically dynamic, enlightening, inspiring, and extraordinarily unique.

Visit our store now to move forward to the next level on your musical journey or contact us today. We are so excited to meet you and want only the very, very best for you. Enjoy your visit here!