• thunder underbass with a mac computer
  • thunder underbass will make your speakers go boom

Making Ordinary Speakers Sound Extraordinary

Thunder UnderBassTM turns any pair of active speakers you already own into 192kHz/ 24bit digital dynamos. Yes, including that 'bass-light' sounding soundbar you bought for your flat screen.

connection diagram for MAC computer and thunder underbass

Plug your computer's USB into the Thunder UnderBass USB Input or

connection diagram for TV and thunder underbass

Connect your TV using the Thunder UnderBass Optical Input then

thunder underbass and a variety of powered speakers

Connect any powered speaker using any of Thunder UnderBass' Outputs.

break dancer doing a one hand hand stand

Hit play! Now you're listening in HD.

Don't Own any Active Speakers?

No worries. We sell some powered speakers right here that we have already tested with Thunder UnderBass. They work fabulous and they don't cost a fortune.

Thunder UnderBass

The desktop subwoofer that moves you, not your desk.

Put deep accurate bass ON your desktop ...where it belongs.

Not Just a Subwoofer

  • Ultra-low jitter high-resolution digital audio with 192 kHz/24 bit asynchronous DAC
  • Built-in active dual driver bass reflex subwoofer
  • Compatible with all HD media players like a Pono, Fiio, or iBasso for example
  • Advanced ADI DSP and Cirrus Logic & Burr Brown CODECs for all the A to D and D to A conversions.
  • Includes EIGHT killer custom headphone amplifiers with two 3.5mm outputs
  • Uses the super-fast XMOS USB 2.0/ Audio Class 2.0 solution to get sound to and from any computer.
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Wireless remote control
  • Optical I/O for TV soundbars and pedestal speakers
  • Easily sync all the music on your computer, iTunes, or NAS.
  • Advanced DSP & user utility smart apps for iOS & Android
  • Bundled with the uber-deluxe JRiver high-resolution media center
  • Includes 6' power cord, 6' USB 2.0 cable and (2) 6' optical cables


  • Precision tuned Phasx Essential satellites and center channel speakers designed to match Thunder UnderBass
  • Dolby Digital Decoding

Thunder UnderBass

The ultimate instrument for gaming, movies and sports.

Now get killer bass UNDER your TV
...and flawless Dolby Digital.

Plug and Play

Universally compatible with virtually any audio device.

Hot rod your home audio
...like a boss.